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Pinterest Party Valentine Edition

So, like most of the crafting and blogging world,


It's probably one of the best sites EVER invented.  I love how you can "Pin" ideas from around the web onto your virtual bulletin boards so you can make crafts, decorations, thoughts, and fun later.  It's so much easier, and better, than the folder of bookmarks I have saved through the last 10 years of surfing the web.  (I can NEVER find what I'm looking for in that mess.)

So when I first started hearing ideas of having Pinterest Parties, I was intrigued.  What a fun idea.

The basic idea behind a Pinterest Party is to gather a group of friends together and share crafts and food that you have "pinned" to your boards.  It seems there are LOTS of different ways to execute it, from just doing one craft as a group or doing several different crafts or everyone doing a separate craft and socializing while you work.

Since I'm new to town, I thought it would be fun to have a Pinterest Party to get to know some of the ladies in my church and neighborhood a little better.  And being that it's almost Valentine's, what better way than to get together, craft, and eat some fun Valentine projects?

So I'm planning to invite a few women over and have them bring their favorite chocolate dessert.  (Isn't Valentine's all about the chocolate after all?)  Then we will craft 3 fun, easy projects for Valentines day.

I'm super excited about the idea.
I hope you'll come visit often and join in as I plan, decorate, prepare, and taste test my way to the party.

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