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10 Soccer Craft Ideas

If you are looking to do something other than just play soccer (and eat) at your party (not that it sounds like a bad idea to me)...I've been brainstorming (and checking out Google and Pinterest...which are surprisingly short on soccer party ideas) for craft ideas to make.

1. Soccer Clipboards with Pictures
I love this idea.  Hand decorated clip boards were all the rage for a while (are they still?)  I think girls would love to be able to use scrapbook paper and pictures to decorate a clipboard for their rooms.  What a great way to keep a team picture and get the guests organized at the same time.

2. Picture Frames
Have the guests make a picture frame decorated with fun stickers out of a dollar store frame or craft frame.  Then set up a fun photo booth with lots of props for some great pictures.

3. Soccer Name Letters
Let each guest decorate his or her name with fun soccer paper.  You can just decorate the first letter to hand on their bedroom door if you only have a few moments, or do the whole name for a more in depth projects.  I shared directions on how to do these letters HERE.

4. Soccer Ball Pillows
Make soccer pillows out of black and white fabric.  Let the guests sew them together or pre-make and let each guest finish the pillows.  Or make fun pillow cases using fabric markers.  Guests can draw them scoring a goal or a fun event from the party or season.

5. Safety Pin Jewelry
Use safety pins and beads to make fun jewelry.  Family Fun has a simple pattern HERE to add the beads to make a soccer ball.  Or get creative and design any pattern or initial.

6. Bottle Cap Necklaces
Craft stores have everything you need to make fun and cheap bottle cap necklaces for each guest. Pick up bottle caps, necklaces, and rings to score some a fun craft. Each guest can decorate a small circle to place in the center of the bottle cap or add a picture for a personalized treat.

7. Soccer Team Cookies or Treats
Decorate sugar cookies or Rice Krispie treats cut with gingerbread cutters as each member of the soccer team.  Use different colors, sprinkles, and candies to add jerseys, hair, and other details. You can see how we made our swimmers HERE.

8. Barrettes
Pick up some blank barrettes from the craft store and let each guest decorate with wooden soccer balls and fun ribbon for a fun hair decoration for the next team picture.

9. Soccer Finger Puppets
Vegie Smugglers shared a fun printable file to make finger puppets to play soccer with HERE.  Let the guests color and cut out these fun pictures and play a round of soccer.  Or better yet, let them draw their own and let the guests make themselves playing the game.

.10. Fabric Bracelets
Use fun soccer fabric to decorate bracelets for each team member to wear.  Frame Worthy Shot shared directions on how to make these easy but stylish fashion statements HERE.

Hopefully that gives you a few fun Soccer Craft Ideas to try at your next soccer party!
If you make any of these fun crafts,

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