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Candy Chandeliers

I had this desire to make a candy chandelier for my Valentine's candy party tomorrow.

It hasn't worked out so well so far, just because I live in a little town and haven't been able to get the tools that I need to get it done.  (I think this project has actually pushed me closer to opening up my own candy store here in town...but we'll see how that goes.)

But I wanted to share some chandeliers that I have found around the web for inspiration in case you want to try your own.

Once Wed shared this DIY Rock Candy Chandelier.  I love how simple and elegant this looks with the white candy and the pretty bows!

I'll never be afford this Gummy Bear Chandelier, but maybe it can be recreated for a lot cheaper than the $9500.00 price tag!

This Candy Chandelier by The Hollywood Candy Girls is my favorite! I have been scouring the thrift stores looking for a chandelier that I can add some yummy candy to.  Don't be surprised if you see a copy of this inspiration piece over my workroom table VERY soon.

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