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Kiss Lips Chocolate Covered Oreos

I spent the day working on orders and was so excited to take a break when I got these amazing oreos molds in the mail today!

They are kiss lips shaped oreos for the double stuffed oreos and smaller chocolate oreos for the mini size!

I am donating these oreos to a fund raiser this weekend, so I've added this Lips candy topper to some of the oroes.

And I've added the Kiss candy topper to others.

We'll see which ones are more popular.
But either way, they are super cute and I'm so excited to be able to offer them.

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  1. Hi Kim! My name is Shaurice, and I absolutey love your chocolate covered oreo lips. If you don't mind me asking, where did you order the molds from I would love to make these precious little treats with my kids.