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Love Bug Valentine Lady Bug Dinner Party

Since my Hubby is going out of town on Monday for 2 weeks and will be gone for Valentine's Day, we decided to have a dinner party tonight to celebrate the holiday as a family.

So we chose to have a Love Bug Valentine party based on Lady bugs.

It was a pretty simple set up with a red table cloth and black table runner down the middle.

Each place setting got a red charger (on Clearance right now at Walmart from Christmas), a white plate, and a red dessert plate.

I'm super excited about how cute the silverware turned out.
I purchased some black silverware from Walmart and used a pencil eraser and red paint to put red polka dots on each of the silverware to go with the theme.

I used some black napkins and the water bottle labels from my Lady Bug printable collections as napkin holders. 
Plus, each plate got a special treat consisting of our Love Bug candy topper and a bag filled with Lady Bug Oreo cookies.

The center of our table had more treats inside our Lady Bug cake party favor boxes.  (Lots of yummy M&Ms for the boys who stop by after!)

 The salt and pepper Lady Bugs were a fun find at Dollar general last summer and I am so glad that I found and actually bought them!

Plus, I scattered York Peppermint Patties with the free lady bug printable I shared yesterday for a little bit of fun along the table.

I used the Lady Bug cupcake wrappers to wrap some blueberry muffins since my family LOVES these.

I also had to include the Lady bug Jello Jigglers I made from the football mold.

And ALL the boys have been drooling over the Lady Bug cake balls all week.  I had to hide them so they would make it to tonight.

It was a simple dinner party, but turned out really cute.

You can purchase any of these and more Lady Bug printables in our store HERE.


  1. Your party turned out really cute! I love your ideas. I wish I knew about some them when I threw Kara a ladybug themed birthday party.

  2. Very Creative Idea! Wow! Ladybugs everything!