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Earn Money Online: Viggle

Even with all the DIY party projects and cheap ways I try to find to spice up the "BIG day", I still find that parties can be expensive sometimes.  Between the food, the games, the decorations, and the gifts- it can definitely add up.  I wanted to take this week and share a few ideas I have found to make money online to help support my crafting and party addiction.  Hopefully, the next week of ideas will help you too.

This is one of the newest ideas I found online....and I have to say, I LOVE it!

Viggle is an application that works on your iPod, iPad, or iPhone.  (I have heard they will be coming out with an Android app soon.) When you are watching TV you "check in" on the app.  This allows the application to "listen" to your tv and know what show you are watching.  By doing this, you earn points that can  be redeemed for gift certificates to places like Barnes and Noble, Starbucks, Fandango, and more.

It's SUPER easy to get points, and in the past month I have earned enough to get 3 free movie tickets.  Dear Hubby is saving for when they get some Amazon gift certificates in, but I'm looking forward to a free visit to District 12 in the Hunger Games at the end of the month!

I only watch the Today show in the morning and then some evening TV, so you don't have to watch alot to earn points.  You can also watch little ads in the app. and during the past awards season, they had surveys and questions during the awards shows where you could earn even more points.

I highly recommend using Viggle.  It's a good way to earn some extra money through Gift Cards, and it's not hard if you watch TV already!  You can find it in the iTunes app store HERE.

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