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Beauty and the Beast Lumiere

I'm still working on my Beauty and the Beast characters and hope to have the table preview to show the girls ready by this weekend.  It's going to be a BUSY week here in Candyland, so I hope I can get it all done on schedule as I still have 17 other Disney tables to get moving on for the Young Women's camp fundraiser next month.
I plan to make this Lumiere toilet paper roll Candelabrum for the table, but I haven't collected all the Toilet Paper rolls that I need yet.  I asked the girls to start saving me some since I have a few projects for the tables that I will need them for, but we haven't gotten there yet.

So I am sharing the directions from Disney  If you're interested they also have other ideas to help with a Beauty and the Beast birthday party there including another version of how to make Chip the Teacup (using Modeling Magic) if you didn't like my Chip free printable version

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