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Beauty and the Beast Table Centerpiece

Our fundraiser is still a month away, but I wanted to start setting up the tables as I completed them to try and get a heads up on how they are going to look.  I'm glad I did.  I found a few holes in my Beauty and the Beast table and will now have time to add a little more to it before the big night.

I started with a  round yellow tablecloth that I purchased online from Factory Direct Party.  (I highly recommend them for table cloths.  They had a HUGE selection and I got mine VERY quickly and at a GREAT price!)  I envisioned the table cloth looking like Belle's dress.  So I purchased a round yellow cloth and a long cloth.  I cut up the long tablecloth into strips and used it to make the loops around the table.  Then I fastened each loop with a yellow tissue paper rose.

In the center of the table I placed 3 young adult books from our collection to celebrate Belle's love of reading.  On top of the books I placed the Beast's Rose as the main centerpiece.  I scattered rose petals inside the jar and then down the books.

The characters Chip, Cogsworth, and Babette went around the outside of the books.  I am hoping to get enough toilet paper rolls this week to finish Lumiere.  I also decided I HAD to find Mrs. Potts so I spent today looking at all the Goodwill stores in a 100 mile radius for a tea pot that would work.  I think I found one, but she's going to take a lot of paint and some facial features like Chip's.

I'm working on a few other additions for a Beauty and the Beast party such as princess seeds, cupcake toppers and these table cards with each of the characters on them.  They should be available soon.

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