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Disney Princess Fundraiser Tables

WHEW! This weekend was the fundraiser.
I'll be honest, I'm super glad to have that off my plate.
It ended up being alot more work than I imagined, but I think it turned out beautifully and I'm super excited about the results from each of the tables.

I thought I would take a moment and share with you how they turned out.

Snow White
This table had a yellow table cloth to match Snow White's dress.  For the centerpiece, we added the 7 Dwarf printables, the Magic Mirror, a wishing well, and a basket full of apples.

Beauty and the Beast
This table had a yellow table cloth to match Belle's dress.  In the center was Lumiere, Chip the Teacup, Babette, Cogsworth, and the Rose under the glass.  We scattered rose petals round the table to simulate the falling petals.

Princess and the Frog
This table had a purple table cloth.  I used trees found at Dollar Tree in the luau section to simulate the bayou.  I also scattered lilly pads and flowers around the table with this frog prince I found at Goodwill.

The Enchanted table had a blue tablecloth with the pattern of a dress cut out of the center to simulate the curtains that were made into dresses in the movie.  I added a Apple "martini", a plain apple, and a poisoned apple on a bike helmet.  I also included Pip the chipmunk and (Cinderella's other) slipper in a pale color to simulate the lost slipper that is found at the end of the movie.

Sleeping Beauty

This table had a pink table cloth with a rose, a plastic canvas dragon, and the three good fairies.


This table had a purple table cloth and a bunhc of chinese items that one of the girls brought.  Her father had spent several years in Japan before her birth and they had a bunch of items that they were willing to share.


This table had a pink table cloth with snakes, a chariot made from popcycle sticks and mason jar lids, and the muse vase.


The Tangled table had a purple tablecloth to match Rapunzel's dress.  It also included a frying pan (yea, who knew?) from Goodwill, the lantern lights on a candlestick holder, Rapunzel's tower, and a lock of Rapunzel's hair.


This was a hard table to dress.  We ended up going with a pink tablecloth.  I scattered flowers or all kinds around the table and made colorful mushorooms out of felt and candle holders from Goodwill.  I also scattered butterflies around the table and a fairy glow wand from Dollar Tree.


Cinderella had a light blue tablecloth.  For the centerpiece, Cinderella's castle stood proud with her missing glass slipper to the side.

Hunchback of Notre Dame

We went with a fun theme for the Hunchback with a teal tablecloth.  In the center, we made the belles of Notre Dame and surrounded them with Marde Gras masks and beads.

Lion King

I did nothing to this table other than add a pink table cloth and Pride Rock from my front yard.  One of the other girls added her Lion King collection of figurines and I think it worked perfect!


Tarzan had a pink table cloth with a jungle of trees we found in the Luau section of Dollar Tree.  I printed off monkey clip art and tied it with fishing line to the tree branches.  We also had Tarzan and company sitting in the jungle thanks to one of the girls Disney collection of figurines.

Alladin had a blue table cloth with a magic carpet that I made from plastic canvas.  I also found a gold teapot at Goodwill that looked like a genie lamp.  More figurines were added to sit on the magic carpet to finish off the table.

Little Mermaid

Ariel had a green table cloth with scattered sea shells.  We also tried to make sea weed by stringing green crepe paper on wire.  A glowing trident from Dollar Tree and a (half finished) Sebastian the crab completed our table.

and here's all the girls dressed as the princesses.  Aren't they beautiful?

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