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Hunchback of Notre Dame Bells

When I was brainstorming for ideas on how to make some of the movies into table decorations for the fundraiser this weekend, I had a hard time with a few of them.  The Hunchback of Notre Dame was one of them.  Esmeralda isn't technically considered a Disney Princess, but she's still one strong, amazing woman who deserved to have a table at our party.

But how do I do that?
I finally came up with the idea to have a bunch of bells on the table to symbolize the bells of Notre Dame cathedral.  Around the bells I hope to add a few Mardi gras masks to get the look of the gypsies at the start of the movie and maybe some bead necklaces.  I hope it will be enough to get the idea of the movie across.

I started by finding some of these glass lampshades at Goodwill.  I also used different glass tumblers and vases to get a variety of styles and sizes.

Using some Clay that I found at Office Depot, I made small balls and then flattened them out.

I then added the clay around the top of the shades to close them and give more of a bell feel.

I found a package of large jewelry beads at Goodwill and used them to make the (thingies) inside the bell to make noise.  (Have no idea what those are called...)

To make it I just tied a piece of string through the ball and around it.  Then once the clay was dry, I glued the end of the string to the top of the jars, much like I did when I made the Beauty and the Beast rose.

When everything was dried, I sprayed all the different glass jars, vases, shades, and tumblers gold.  Now I'll group them in the center of my table with the other extras around.  Guests may need to use their imagination a little, but I think once you figure out what they are, the connection will be apparent.

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