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Rapunzel's Tower and Printable

My computer has been going so hay wire lately that I'm about to scream...or throw myself off the nearest tower.  Fortunately for me, I could probably land in that pile of hair and be just fine.

I wanted to make sure that I shared Rapunzel's tower before all of that, so here's how to turn a Pringles can, a cool whip container, some cardstock, and a piece of purple posterboard into your favorite princess's home.

I started by designing the tower to go around the pringles can.  It's a simple square that wraps around the can and should be secured with glue or tape.

The pieces that went around the tower house were a little harder to design.  They ended up being 2 pieces that wrap around the outside of a small whip cream container.  I had to secure the top of the printable to the container but not the bottom to keep it wrapped correctly.  If you make one, put a little glue in the upper corner and wrap it around making sure to keep the top of the printable lined up with the upper edge of the container.  Then put a piece of glue to secure.  Do the other side following the same idea.

I used a large piece of purple posterboard that I found at Office Depot to make the top of the tower.  I made a half circle that was 17 inches long.

Placing the curved edge against the tabletop, I curved it into a cone shape.

I finished by adding Rapunzel's hair to my tower and then putting the cone on top.
Super fun to add to my Rapunzel table and super easy to put together.

Here's your free printables in case you want to try.
If you do, I'd LOVE to see how yours turns out!


  1. I am loving all of your recent projects. This tower is ADORABLE. Thank you so much for linking it up on Dare to Share. I am going to link it up on my party idea board on Pinterest. Please stop by and share some more of your wonderful posts. :)


  2. Oh gosh! Im so glad I found this! I was looking everywhere for one like this! My friend looooooooves tangled and her birthday is comming up soon so i thought a tower would be the perfect gift (: