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Cinderella's Castle

We HAD to have Cinderella's castle when planning her table.  It is almost a requirement.  I had originally planned to try and make one, but I just ran out of time and the thought of building a castle that wasn't exactly like the icon just didn't seem right.

So instead, I went shopping at Amazon, because Goodwill just didn't have it this time. (DRAT.)
I found THIS 3D Cinderella castle puzzle.  I used my Gift Cards from Swagbucks to make it almost free (which is pretty good price wise if you ask me!)

I'd never built a 3D puzzle before and it was a little tricky trying to line up everything, so I put the puzzle together and Drama Queen figured out how to put it together.

And it looked awesome beside our pumpkin and Cinderella's magic slipper!

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