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Hello Kitty Seeds

Since I'm still on my kick of making my Candy Toppers (Yea, sorry guys...may not stop this habit anytime soon.), I had to make some Hello Kitty ones for our birthday party.  

I'll be honest, I don't know much about Hello Kitty or her story.  I did check it out on Wikapedia, and I do remember when I was young and she first came out, but I was never a big fan.  I guess I was too much of a tom boy to be interested in Hello Kitty stuff.

But I made these using hot pink milkies (a gourmet M&M substitute).

They are now available in our retail store and in our online store.  They would be a fun addition to your Hello Kitty birthday party as a party treat or party favor.

You can find the download HERE and the treat HERE.

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