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Viggle-ing for Gold

Are you enjoying the Olympics?  I admit, I've had them on every moment that I've been home.  I enjoyed watching the men's Water polo game yesterday afternoon.  I think I only get to watch that sport every 4 years in the much as I enjoy it, I don't know why I don't check it out more.

I've done a lot of "coaching" of our Team USA swimmers this weekend too.  I hope they are taking my advice as I yell hints and tips at the screen.  (Mostly it consists of "GO FASTER!" which they are obviously listening to as Lochte and others have taken the Gold.

While I'm yelling at the TV and cheering on our athletes, I haven't forgotten to Viggle.  Have you?  I told you about Viggle back HERE in my week of Making Money Online ideas.  I don't know if you listened to me, but if you are an avid Olympics watcher, now is definitely the time to check it out!  After all, why not get a little "gold" for yourself while our athletes are getting some gold?

If you don't know about Viggle, it's an awesome app for the IPhone, and now the Android.  You "check in" to your TV shows when you're watching.  That simple means to let the app listen to your TV.  It will find the show your watching and let you earn points for the TV you are watching.  You can then turn those points in for free gift cards to things like Chilis, Fandango, or even a free Kindle fire.  Pretty cool right?

It's free and it's not hard to do.  Just "check in" at the start of your show and it will keep you signed in to that show until you check into another one or until the show is over.  At the end of the show, you'll get your points.  Then you can check into another show if you want.  Plus, there are lots of extra ways to earn points. You can watch commercials or take quizzes to get more.  Plus, during the Olympics, you can play along live and get extra points for predicting who will win races or answering trivia questions.

Not bad for something you're going to do anyway, right?  You definitely should go check it out HERE and bring home some gold of your own!

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