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Life is short. Eat dessert first!

Life is short. Eat dessert first.  
After all, you never know how your day is going to go.  Look at some of our favorite athletes (sorry Men's Gymnastics)...I'll be they were wishing they had a piece of chocolate after some of the errors that night! I know I had my share while watching them!  I wanted to remind myself to enjoy the little things first because you never know when your Olympic dreams will fall short.  And at least then, you had a little something to make it sweeter.

I found this awesome frame at Goodwill.  It was a large size (24x27 inches) and only $9.99.  Luckily, it was also the color of the day and was 30% off!  I took it home and took it apart.  Then I spray painted the frame black.

I have access to a vinyl machine and even a Silhouette machine, but I wanted to try and make a sign without those things for those of you that didn't have them.  So I took my saying and used a program to make the letters the right size to fit on my frame.  I printed the letters out onto cardstock and cut them out.

I used the Reponsitionable cartridge on my Xyron machine to make the letters into stickers.  If you don't have a Xyron (you really need to get one, it's the Bestest!), you can always print out the letters onto sticker paper.

I found the center of my glass and laid out my saying.  The good thing about using the Repositionable cartridge is that you can pick up and move the letters if you don't like the way they look. 

I placed my letters on the front of the glass.  You can sticker the front of the letters and lay them on the back of the glass so the letters shine through the glass, but I didn't want to fight laying them out, so I put mine on the front of the glass.  You can go either way depending on your style and taste.

When I was all done, I put the glass back into my frame and secured it with the staple pieces in the frame.  Make sure you put them in pretty tight with a screwdriver so the glass doesn't fall out.

I am hanging my frame on some lattice wall behind my display case.  I was worried about how to hang this since the frame and glass is so heavy.  We ended up threading some black ribbon through the frame and glass on both ends of the sign.  Then we threaded it through the lattice and knotted it in the back.  Now it hangs beautifully and great everyone as they come through the door.

And I have to admit, I LOVE IT!

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