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Crock Pot Mushroom Hamburger Recipe

Sometimes when you are part of a family, you have to eat things that you wouldn't necessarily choose if you were by yourself.  It's one of those things you do to show your children how to be polite when they are at someone else's house eating dinner and they have something "gross".  I feel that way with pasta.  My kids all know it.  I don't hate it, it's just not something I would choose if I could have anything in the world that I wanted.

This is one of those meals, that I have kept secret that I don't really care for.  My kids ABSOLUTELY love it and would have it much more often if I were a "good" mom.  I like it because it's easy and I can have it with rice.  (I will eat anything if it's on a bed of rice...YUM!)

It's also one of those meals that doesn't take much prep time because I can use things right out of the freezer and pantry.

2 cans Cream of Mushroom Soup
1/2 can Milk
Hamburger Patties (we have to have 2 per person, it's that Good!)

I usually buy the big boxes of Hamburger patties from Walmart so that we always have this meal on hand.  It makes it pretty easy to just drop a bunch of patties in the crock pot.  Depending upon how high a fat content you purchase can effect this meal.  Sometimes with the cheaper stuff, I have a layer of fat on top of the meal when I go to serve it.  Just skim that off if you want.

Add your favorite seasonings to the top of the patties.

Add a 1/2 can of milk to 2 cans of Cream of Mushroom Soup.  Mix it up good with a wire wisk.  Be sure to mix carefully since the milk has a tendency to splash up. (Is that just me?)

Pour the mushroom soup mixture over your hamburger patties.

Cook for 8 hours on low.  
Serve over rice with your favorite sides.

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