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Witch Finger Chocolate Covered Pretzels

I have another fun, easy Halloween treat for you today.  

Witch Fingers!  Or Monster Fingers!  
Either one would work, but since I'm in a "Witchy" mood today, we're going with the Witch Fingers.
But either way, these are super yummy treat for your Halloween party.

Start by melting some green chocolate wafers. These are white chocolate, so heat them carefully since they have a tendency to burn pretty easy.  Melt them on 50 percent heat in 2 minute increments until melted.  

You can find these wafers at most craft stores.  You can also find Green Candy Melts on Amazon if you're like me and live in a No-Craft Store Zone, but I'm not sure I'd recommend them there unless you're super desperate.  They were pretty expensive.

Once your wafers are melted, take some long Pretzel sticks and dip them in the chocolate.  Use whatever way works best for you.  I find that it's easiest for me to hold it over the bowl and spoon chocolate at the top of the pretzel and let it drip down the sides.

Once your chocolate is on the pretzel, gently shake it so the excess drips off the pretzel.  Place on wax paper to dry.

Grab a few Almond nuts and carefully cut the nut in half lengthwise.  This is a little tricky, but I found they cut with a butterknife relatively easy.  Don't worry if it's not perfect, I think that's part of the charm.

Before the chocolate dries, place the nut on the edge of the pretzel so that it points up like a fingernail.

I'm a little torn on the best way to finish the fingers...I took a toothpick and drew 3 lines across the pretzel to represent the nuckless while the chocolate was still drying.  Once dried, some of the pretzels looked like knuckle prints, others looked like old scars.  Those that looked like scars got another drag of the toothpick to cut down through the chcocolate.

Go either way and let me know which works best for you!

I finished mine by adding them to some Pretzel bags and then using a green ribbon bow to tie them up.

Now go ahead and lick your fingers!

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