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Halloween Candy Corn Bark

Today is the kind of day when you need LOTS of chocolate.  It started out well, but has gone downhill since.  So when I saw this Candy Corn Bark from Kristan at Confessions of a Cookbook Queen, I had to make some STAT! (Yea, did you catch that medical jargon?  You can tell "Grey's Anatomy" is back right?)

Her recipe was really simple and it turned out super cute.  Although, I admit, I wasn't near as good as Kristan was in swirling my orange and yellow, but it works.  And for the day I'm having, I'm glad something is at least!

To finish it off, I designed up this Happy Halloween tag with a Candy Corn font.  It's generic enough that you can use it for any Halloween treat you give this month, but still super fun.

Hope it brightens your day a little!

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