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Easy and Elegant Candy Cane Vase

I don't know who thought it was a good idea...because I certainly need to have words with them...but I was put in "charge" of the church Christmas party this year.  It's two weeks away and has already been charged with all sorts of drama and chaos, so much so that I'm sure even Charlie Sheen would be proud.

I've already delegated out the program and the dinner, and left myself in charge of the fun party...the decorations.  I've decided to go with a red and white Candy Cane theme to try and keep the party elegant, but fun.
My first project was inspired by this vase from Better Homes and Gardens.  

I started with an empty chili can (I used the large pound size), candy canes, silk flowers from Dollar Tree, some spare glitter ribbon, and a glue gun.

I started by running a glue line down the long back side of the candy cane.  Then I secured it to the can with the loop side down.  I think it would look super cool with the loop on the top too, it's your choice.

Once I used about 2 1/2 boxes of candy canes to go all around the can, I added 5 red sparkly poincetta bushes from Dollar Tree and one white poincetta bush in the center of the can.  The bushes bend fairly easy, so you can prod them to spread out from the can and over the sides.

 To finish off, I secured a scrap piece of glitter ribbon to the top of the candy canes to bring a little sparkle to the vase itself.

I think I may make a few extra of these for my table at home....if I can keep the kids from eating all the candy canes.


  1. haha. Church christmas parties are so much fun to plan . . .

    I like your vase. We have a link party going on and I'd love it if you'd link up!