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10 Fun Christmas Ornament Exchange Ideas

I'm going to an ornament exchange party this weekend and I'll be honest, I'm a little nervous.
I've never been to one before and this party has been going on for years now.  So I can only imagine the ornaments that are exchanged and the craftiness that will be flowing in that room.

It's a little intimidating.

So, I've been scouring pinterest for some ideas that I might be able to use.
And I thought I would share them in case you end up in the same predicament.

1. Glittering Santa Ornament from Too Cool Stamping.

2. Rudolph Ornament from Unknown Source.

3. Grinch Ornament from Unknown Source.

4. Marbalized Ornament from Alisa Burke.

5. Mustache Ornament from Gather Love.

6. Christmas Time Capsule by Farmer's Nest.

7. Pink Zebra Letter Ornament by Pink Seven Designs

8. Christmas Tree Letter Ornaments by Every Creative Endeavor.

and if all else fails, maybe I'll go with these M&M Christmas Ornaments by Hungry Happenings!


  1. I love all these ornaments! I’m totally gonna pin it. 😀
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