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St Patrick's Day Candy Party Favors

I've been in the candy topper mood again.  There are just so many cute ways you can use these fun toppers that it makes it almost impossible for me to stop wanting to make more.  These would make fun classroom gifts, or co-worker gifts, or treats to leave in your kids' lunches, or friend gifts, or.... the list could go on and on.

Unfortunately, my site is down for repairs right now  (I guess my bandwidth has issues), so while I get that taken care of (Yea, who knows when my IT guys are actually going to get on that and follow through) I'm going to send you to my Hubby's etsy shop where he has some of our Printables listed.

It's kind of cool right now too.  Etsy just added a way that  you can download your files directly upon completion of purchase.  No more waiting for the files to be emailed to you.

I know I HATE waiting for files.  I get that people have lives, but when you are in the mood to create, you want to get started on it IMMEDIATELY. You don't want to wait until the file comes through.  By then the kids could be acting up, or dinner may need to be cooked, or a thousand other REAL LIFE items may come in front of the creative process.

It's really a Bummer.

But now, you don't have to wait.  You can instantly download your purchase (on everything but the personalized items)!  Pretty cool.

So now you can go get any of our new, or older, St Patricks Day Candy Treats.

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