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St Patrick's Day Napkin Holder Free Printable

I must officially be a grown up now.   I've started wanting things for my home that I have never had the desire for before.  A real baking Mixer... a china cabinet... a napkin holder.  Yea, I know, a napkin holder is probably a strange thing to all of a sudden start coveting, but if you have ever had dinner with my boys, napkins are an ESSENTIAL part of our meals.  We have a tendancy to get a little rowdy sometimes and there's often a piece of food flying across the table either by design or accident.

So I started looking around for napkin holders, but I had a hard time finding one that "fit" me.  I am thinking about changing my kitchen "theme" with the next move, so apples won't work anymore.  I didn't want anything breakable or expensive.  And as often as I dress my tables for different themes or holidays, I wanted a way to do that without buying a new napkin holder for each theme.

As I was walking through Dollar Tree this morning, I found this Napkin Holder in the kitchen area.
It had a two of the most important qualities I was looking for-- it was cheap and had possibilities.

I brought it home and started playing with designs.  I ended up with this fun St Patricks Day design.  It has a rainbow, a pot of gold, and a cute leprechaun.  What more can you ask for?

I printed it out with 2 to a page so that each picture measured 4 inches by 5 1/4 inches.
After looking at it printed out, this would make a super cute St Patrick's Day card for friends too!

I cut out around the sides and bottom of the picture, but left the blank white part above.  This allowed me to fold the picture in half to form a card shape.

Then, I taped the front and back of the picture together to form a pocket.

It slid securely right over the napkin holder's "arms".
Now I can use it for St Patrick's Day, but take off the printable and change it out for Easter or any other holiday.  I can also keep the printable, or just throw it away and go with a new design next year!

I'm super excited about how it turned out and the new possibilities with my napkin holder.  Maybe now, cleaning up after those boys will be a little more fun...okay, maybe not.

Here's the printable in case you want to try and make one too!

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