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Be Back Soon...

Sorry for the unexpected absence from the blog...

Last weekend my father collapsed at work and started seizing.  He was rushed to the hospital where they fought to stabilize him.  Nevertheless....we all have been freaking out, worrying, and praying this week.

He's doing much better now, although, they have no idea what happened or why.  So I'll be back next week and starting on some new projects.

Thanks for your prayers and patience this week!


  1. Mom said something was going on with your dad. Hope your dad gets better and they figure out what's been going on! We're praying for all ya'll. :)

    And hopefully we can see you all at the family reunion in August!

    love & prayers,

  2. I'm so sorry to hear that Kim! I really hope you're dad feels better soon. We'll be praying for you guys...