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Wizard of Oz Follow the Yellow Brick Road Printable

Wizard of Oz Follow the Yellow brick Road Printable by Kims Kandy Kreations

You're really not surprised are you?  I'm working on a Wizard of Oz party, so sooner or later you knew you were going to see a candy bag topper printable.  I'm not going to disappoint!  And for the next week or so, you can get it for free too.  Isn't that even better?  A Wizard of Oz party favor for free? Can't beat that!

I wrote the poem to read:

With your loyal friends beside you
You'll find your dreams are bold
So use your heart, courage, and brain
To follow your Yellow Brick Road.

Just like our other Candy Topper printables, simply download the file, unzip, print, and cut out the candy bag topper.

Add some skittles or other fun candy to a bag.

Add the bag topper to your bags with a staple, and serve to your Wizard of Oz party guests for a unique and yummy treat!

You can go to Kims Kandy Kreations website and download your Wizard of Oz candy bag topper printable for FREE today!  But be sure to go now, who knows how long the wizard will see you.

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