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Wizard of Oz Yellow Brick Road Table Runner Plastic Canvas Pattern

When planning our Wizard of Oz party, I couldn't leave out the Yellow Brick Road from our party decorations.  But I wanted something a little more than a fabric table runner.  So I decided to sew my own plastic canvas yellow brick road table runner for the dinner table.

It was pretty easy too.  If you don't have much plastic canvas sewing experience, this is a good project to begin with since it's simple squares and rectangles with an easy stitch.

Start by cutting out 2 10x10 hole squares and 5 10x20 squares from plastic canvas.  Sew them with an easy slanted stitch in yellow yarn.

Using black yarn, place the right sides of the rectangles together and join the pieces in a brick pattern.  Use 3 rectangles on one line and 2 rectangles with a square piece on each end for another line.

Now sew the lines together making sure you alternate the brick pattern.  You can sew as many of these sections together as you like to make sure you get a runner long enough for your needs.

Here's the pattern if you want to try your own:

I can't wait to set this in the center of my table and follow the yellow brick road to a yummy dinner!

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