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New Sponsor: ABC Distributing

ABC Distributing LLC

I am so excited to have a new sponsor on the blog today!  If you haven't heard of ABC Distributing, you are definitly in for a treat today.  I absolutely LOVE their products and have been a customer of them for many years now.  You can see many of their items in a walk through my home and even in an occasional party display.

ABC Distributing has so many beautiful home decor items at GREAT prices.  
They have a wide selection of bed and bath items. Everything from bedding basics like sheets and comforters to bath towels and everything in between.  I have this beautiful mail organizer on my desk at home and I LOVE it.  It works great for sorting all the incoming and outgoing mail and a spot for me to put all the bills so I won't lose them before putting them into my Bill Binder.  I am considering getting another one for the store too since it's so wonderful.

They also have stylish selection of apparel items including: accessories, activewear, tops, sweaters, sweatshirts, baby clothes, skirts and dresses.  Now you can make sure you look great at a price you can afford even after your party budget has been stretched.  I know I'm coveting loving this beautiful coral colored cover up.  I may have to sneak it into the party budget for the swim part of Mini Me's birthday.

 ABC distributing has a great selection of arts and craft kits, art supplies, and stationery sets.  I know Mini Me would LOVE to have this... for his birthday.  He has always been my little artist and every year he gets a new art set.  (No, he doesn't have a MILLION, TRILLION, BAZILLION art sets already....but it's the only real toy he likes.)

I just had to share this fun Light Tube Set for your front walkway.  Isn't it so cool?  Don't they look like Light sabers?  How great would that be for a Star Wars birthday party?  It almost makes me want to change Mini Me's birthday to a Star Wars theme.  Too bad that's just not his thing.

I hope you'll go and check out ABC Distributing.  Be sure to check out their New Harvest 2013 catalog. Amazing new deals on hundreds of items. Shop today!!

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  1. I was interested in the wooden organizer, and the price was actually very reasonable. You might want to pass along to the company that the reason I decided not to complete an order was because they didn't show PayPal as a payment option. PayPal is safer than giving out my credit card number, and most merchants will only send PayPal purchases to the associated address, so if someone broke into my account somehow, whatever they bought would show up here--plus I don't have to fill out address info since it transfers over automatically from PayPal.
    I enjoyed your Ruby Slippers posting!