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Watermelon Cakes Galore...

I don't know when Smash cakes became popular.  I'd never heard of them before Drama Queen turned one, but Dear Hubby says his family used to give each kid their very own cake to eat on their birthday, so we started the tradition too.  Some 17 years later, I find the tradition of Smash cakes pretty cool.

Since Mini Me is having a Watermelon BBQ picnic, I decided to look for some ideas for a Watermelon smash cake to take to the bakers.

Instead, I found Cake Wrecks, A Seedy Celebration.

I LOVE Cake Wrecks.  If you haven't heard of them, you HAVE to go check it out.  It's a great blog showing the "seeder" (catch that slight pun?) side of Professional cake decorating.  I can't believe they pay people to make some of these cakes.

And after looking at how scary some of these Watermelon ones turned out, I just may have to make my own....

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