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School Mascot Seeds Candy Topper Printable and Paint Tutorial

Living in Texas, where Football is B-I-G, I was often asked to make little treats that team moms could give to the Football players before a game.  Since there is a game every week, I am still trying to think of new treat ideas that will work for the players and teams.  That was the inspiration for my football candy bar minis, the football gum heads, and now for these school mascot candy topper seeds.

I am pretty excited about the versatility of these candy toppers.  I wrote the poem so they can be given before a football (or other sports) game, a big school test, a school play or performance, of just on a day you need a little extra sweet treat.

Plus, I made them so you can personalize each mascot with your school or team colors.  Each of the tags has a double square surrounding the poem so you can use your computer's paint program to color your tags personalized colors. 

It is pretty easy to paint the squares the colors you need.  First you need to purchase the topper that fits with your school or team.  You can find the list here.  Currently, I've done toppers for Eagles, Bulldogs, Huskies, Tigers, and Cougars.

Download and save your file.  Unzip the file and open the topper graphic that you fits your needs.

Each candy topper set comes with the printable toppers for 3x5 inch bags (with both bordered printer and borderless options), a candy tag topper, and a sandwich size bag topper, as well as the topper in a jpg file that you can resize to fit any other option you may need.

Open your JPG file in Paint.

Click on the "Pouring Paint Bucket" in the upper left side of your screen.  Next click on one of your school colors in the color selection.  Finally, click on the outermost square of each of the Eagle Seed graphics.

Repeat the process to color the inner square the second school color by clicking on the paint colors at the top, just as you did before.  Then click on the inner square for each of the Eagle Seed graphics.

When you are all done coloring your squares, save your Mascot Seeds by clicking on the upper left button called "File" and then clicking on "Save".  This will save your colored file over the original image.

To Print your mascot seeds, go to where you saved your original Mascot Seeds file.  Double click on the topper that you want to print until it opens in a new window.  Click the "Print" button at the top of the screen and print out your Mascot seeds!

There are thousands of different mascots out there, which ones would you like to see made into candy toppers?  Leave me a comment and I'll get working on them!

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