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Easy Mummy Halloween Door Decoration

 Easy Halloween Mummy Door Decoration

Are you looking for an easy Halloween door decoration that has a lot of WOW factor?  This easy mummy door decoration is a great way to stop visitors and have them coming inside.

And did I mention that it's super easy?

Black Construction Paper Eye Balls

My door is a pretty big glass door, and I wanted my mummy to be seen on both sides.  So I cut out 4 large circles using a large bowl as a template.  Then I cut 4 3-inch circles out of black card stock.

Using 2 sheets of black card stock, I lined up my eyes to give a cute face.  On one side of the card stock, I put the eyes looking up and the other side, they are looking down.  

Putting together an easy Mummy door decoration

I then taped the black cardstock to the upper 1/3 of my door.  I ran the tape down the center of the eyes to secure the face together and allow me to wrap around giving more of a mummy feel.

Use crepe paper fro Mummy door decoration

This part took a little bit of time, but I used a package of Crepe paper from Dollar Tree and just wound the streamers around the door from one side to the other.  I only did this on the inside of the door to protect it from the elements or destructive people.

When I was done, I ran a long piece of packing tape around the edge of the door to keep the streamers in place and protected.  It's optional on your end, it just depends on how much traffic your door will get.

Halloween Mummy Door Decoration
Now I have a super cute Mummy to greet visitors to the candy store.  I have already had several people stop in to tell me how much they like him, so it's been a total success!

And I have to admit, I think I'm in love with him.  He's just too cute!

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