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Puffy Paint Window Cling DIY

A fun and easy DIYactivity for children of all ages.  Make puffy paint window clings for your holiday windows using common ingredients found in your craft closet.

As my children get older, I have found that I want to give them less "things" at Christmas and more "experiences."  They have enough toys and junk around the house, but I worry with all our busy lives that they need more memories to look back on and enjoy.  It doesn't even have to be the big memories like trips to Six Flags or family vacations that they need, but memories of eggnog while watching the Thanksgiving parade, picnics during family night at the park, or sitting around the Dinning room table playing cards or creating Christmas crafts.

making puffy paint window clings

Aren't these the gifts of Christmas?  Or at least what they should be?  I feel like we get so busy in our lives that we forget to spend time together.  As Drama Queen nears graduation and moving out into the world, I feel panic setting in.  Are they going to look back on their childhood and remember that their family loves them?  Are they going to remember the little moments that we played and lauged together?

I hope so.  We added one more moment this week when we made our own window clings for our holiday windows.

puffy paint 12 pack of colors
I found this 12 pack of puffy paint at Walmart, but you can find Amazon's puffy paint here.  I liked having the variety so the kids could make anything their imaginations created.  I also grabbed a few sheets of xx paper from the kitchen cabinet and called the family together.

Making Window Clings out of Puffy Pain
We sat down and started drawing with the paint onto the paper.  Mini Me had a little trouble keeping the paint an even line without pushing too hard or too soft on the paint tube.  You might need to watch your little ones with the paint if you try.

Nativity Scene Window Cling DIY
Drama Queen made an entire nativity set with her designs.  To make these successful, you need to make sure the lines all touch or the graphics are colored completely in.  Her angel's halo will be a separate piece to the set.  So keep that in mind as you're drawing.

DIY Christmas Window Clings
We talked and drew for about an hour or so before being done with our designs.  We had everything from a mustache to a spider web to a Christmas ornament to the words Merry Christmas before we were done.  Then the paint needs to sit for about 24 hours to completely dry.  Once dry, you can peel them off the wax paper and use your hand to warm them so they will stick to your window.

We had a great time talking and laughing and drawing.  We will definitely do this again for other holidays and activities.  Hopefully the memories will last as long in their minds as they do in mine.  

What do you like to do with your family?

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