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10 PVC Pipe Organizing Projects

I absolutely LOVE PVC pipe.  It is such a wonderful medium to work with when you are trying to make cheap toys or home projects.  It is also great for people like me who want to build things, but their Dear Hubby won't let them work with wood and machines due to clumsiness.  (We won't mention the Great Cheese Grater Incident where I chopped my finger off making dinner.)

So when it comes to  home improvement projects, I love PVC Pipe for making Organizing projects.  Here are a few of my favorite ideas that I have on my "To Do" list this year.

PVC Pipe Bike Rack by My Gems of Parenting

PVC Pipe Princess Dress Rack by Simple Simon and Co

3. PVC Pipe Towel Rack by Unknown

PVC Pipe Paint Storage by Ron's Papercraft Blog

PVC Pipe Hairdryer Holder by Once Upon A Time.

PVC Pipe Ribbon Holder

PVC Pipe Laundry Basket

PVC Pipe Snowman Boot and Glove Dryer by Sugar Bee Crafts

PVC Pipe Ball Organizer

PVC Pipe Tote Racks by Janne.CC

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