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How to Keep Your Kids Activities Organized

Living Tree: an online calendar that connects you with teachers, coachs, and other parents
As a mom of four kids ranging in ages and activities, I am always on the lookout for ways keep all my kids activities organized.  I do pretty good with our family calendar on our Household Command Center, but I do love my technology too, especially when it allows me to keep in touch with my kids' coaches, pack leaders, and teachers too!

So I was pretty excited when I came across  It's a pretty amazing calendar that helps me to keep track of all the balls we have in the air each day.  Plus, I can keep in touch with each of the leaders and coaches of all those activities for changes in practice times, games, and lessons.

How Living Tree helps me keep all my kids activities organized
It's great if you are in charge of your PTA or a coach of a team, because you can add events to the team calendar and it will go out to everyone on that particular team, and no one else.  You can also share pictures that you took at the dance recital with other parents on the list and not worry about who is seeing them.  I can't tell you how many times I wish I could do that at a game or play!

Use Living Tree to keep your Kids Organized
It's pretty simple to sign up too.  You can join for FREE and add all your kids to your "pride."  This allows you to keep up to date with each child and not have Lego Club for Mini Me getting mixed up with Play Practice for Daredevil. 

Keep the whole sports team on track with Living Tree
Now invite your coaches, teachers, other parents to the team.  I set up an area with my extended family, so I can see what my neices and nephews are doing too.  I love to send them a quick note of encouragement when I see they are having a recital or big game coming up.  It's great for encouraging family bonding when we live so far away!

Keep your Calendar Organized with Living Tree
Now you can use your calendar to stay up to date on all the activities in your family.  So if soccer practice is cancelled or changed to a different field, you can quickly be updated.  And did I mention how much I love the picture sharing?  Most AWESOME thing ever!

If your looking for a digital calendar to keep you on track, go check out or even there smart phone app.  I am pretty sure you won't be sorry you did, I'm not! I'm loving it!

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  1. What a cool tool! I will for sure be using this when I have kids!