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Amity Hand Tapping Game

I loved reading Insurgent (the second book in the Divergent series) because you got to see a little bit of the other faction's lifestyles.  Tris starts the book by visiting the Amity headquarters and it's so fun to "see" their fun loving way of life.  I love the Amity Hand Clapping Games they play and the way they all get along.

While planning for my Divergent party next month, I have been trying to find games to play that have something to do with each of the different factions.  So today I'm "showing" you our Amity Hand Clapping Game.  (We'll see how good I am at explaining a simple game...probably will be as clear as mud.)

Start by having all your guests lay on the floor on their stomachs in a circle.  Place their hands out on the ground and cross them with the person laying next to them.

Start the game by having one person tap one of his hands on the ground.  The person whose hand is next in a clockwise direction must now tap his hand.  This contiunes around the circle until someone decides to double tap.  When the double tap happens, the motion reverses direction and goes in a counter clockwise direction.

Anyone in the group can double tap to change the direction at any time.  With the hands all "mixed" up and not directly in front of the guests, it can get hard to remember which one is your hand and when you need to tap. 

If someone misses their turn. That hand is out.  When both hands are out of play, that player is out and the circle continues on.  The last person left in the circle wins.

Can you see the Amity kids playing this game?  What circle games do you like to play with a group?

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