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Divergent Seeds Bag Topper Printable

Okay, you knew it was coming didn't you?

I just can't seem to throw a party without having my trademark candy toppers.  So I definitely needed some Divergent Seeds bag topper printables for my Divergent movie party.
Divergent Seeds Bag Topper Printable by Kandy Kreations Make your Divergent party a little sweeter

They are pretty simple to make. You can study the complete DIY on our Elf Kisses candy topper post or there are instructions inside the Divergent seeds zip file that you can check out.

The printable reads:

Divergent Seeds Bag Topper Printable by Kandy Kreations

One Choice can transform you
In your thoughts, your friends, your deeds;
To help you be brave and kind and smart
Enjoy a few Divergent seeds.

I haven't decided exactly what kind of candy to put in the candy bags yet.

What do you think? Should I go with MandMs to represent the different factions? Should I go with black candy for Tris' Dauntless choice? Should I go with a chocolate since that's just perfect for any occasion? Or how about Chocolate Covered Sunflower seeds to more represent the idea of seeds?

If you want to make these Divergent Seeds bag toppers for your Divergent movie party, all you need to do is sign up for our free email newsletter during the month of March 2014.  Recieving free printables in your inbox is one of the benefits to hearing about our posts and projects every other week.  Your printables will arrive in your inbox within 24 hours!

Bag Toppers for Candy at a Divergent Party
If you don't want to sign up for it or missed the March deadline, you can always purchase the Divergent Seeds Printable file in our online webstore.  Which ever option works for you.

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