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Make Your Own Castle Photo Booth Backdrop

This weekend was our town's Chocolate Walk.  Some sixty businesses gather together to host a day full of treats to give back to the community and help fund our city's annual Music and Blossom festival.

I decided to keep with my Fairy Tale theme and so we had our very own "Princess Chocolate" handing out chocolate roses to all her subjects.

But we needed a castle.  Every princess needs a castle.

Since I'm fresh out of medieval castles around these parts, we had to figure out how to build our own.  Since your little princess may want one too, I thought I'd share our easy DIY with you.  This way, you can use the idea for a great photo booth opportunity at your next princess party.

I started with the lemonade stand/kissing booth that Dear Hubby made for the Chocolate Walk last year.  Since most people don't have one of these laying around the house, you can use the same idea as I shared for the Photo Booth background and use PVC pipes.

It was actually really quick, easy, and cheap to make the castle.  Drama Queen and I found these sponges at Walmart in the cleaning aisles.  They were 2 to a package for $1.00.  Over in the paint department we found some grey paint on clearance and picked up a 0.97 plastic paint tray.  To finish our project, we found a beige flat twin bed sheet in the bedding aisle.

The sponges were perfect in size, but were wavy in shape, so we simply trimmed off the edges to make them into brick shapes.

We layed the bed sheet out on the floor with some newspaper and cardboard beneath it.  (Trust me, you will definitely need this so the paint doesn't ruin your floor.)  I was worried at first that we might need to iron the sheet, but it didn't end up being a problem at all.

Drama Queen sat on one side of the sheet and I sat on the other with the paint between us.  She started stamping the bricks onto the sheet until she got half way and I finished the other side.  It went really fast with the two of us working together.

We let it dry over night and by the next morning, it was good to work with again.

We wanted a castle window for our Princess to hand out the candy, so we folded the sheet in half and drew our window.  Then we cut the window out with a pair of good cutting scissors.

We finished off the castle with a piece of foam core board stamped with the brick design and cut into a castle top design.  Then we placed the piece on top using tape and screws.

Our princess entered the castle and was forced to stay there forever since the Evil Queen mother slayed all the boys who entered the store to save her.  (I am DEFINITELY not ready for her to be saved and carried off!)

If you want to see all the pictures from this year's Chocolate Walk, you can see them on our facebook page here.  But be prepared for some sweet eye candy!

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