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10 Cute Easter Cake Balls

You would not believe the weekend that I had! I went to Texas for Spring Break and we started back Saturday morning for what was supposed to be an easy 8 hour drive.

10 Cute Easter Cake Pops by Kandy Kreations
We didn't get home for 2 days.  

We broke down, not once, but TWICE!  And the second time, it was at 4 in the morning on a lonely stretch of highway when our wheel went flying off the car.  As we were riding in the tow truck to a local motel, Mini Me started throwing up all over me.   I tried to keep it on me and his blankets so that we didn't get it all over the truck, but it wasn't a pleasant experience in any way shape or form.

We finally got home late yesterday.  I think I'm mentally and emotionally drained.  I didn't even think about blogging until just now, so this post is up a little late, with hopes that I'll get back in the swing of things as soon as my brain recovers.

So enjoy these super cute Easter cake balls, and have one or two for me.  I definitely could use a little bit of sweet stuff right now!

Bunny Tail Cake Balls by RoseBakes

Coconut Chick Cake Balls by Hungry Happenings

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