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Banana Bark Candy Recipe for Faction Eurdite

The Erudite faction is all about knowledge and learning, so I would imagine any treats they would bring to a Divergent Party would be considered brain food.

In an effort to make yummy brain food, I decided to make some dark chocolate banana bark candy.
Banana Bark Chocolate Candy Recipe by Kandy Kreations

I can't tell you enough how yummy this recipe turned out.  I can't seem to keep Daredevil out of the stash we made for our Divergent party.  I've made this twice already and he's eaten it all.

It's a good thing its (kinda) healthy for his brain!

And it's really easy to make...

Banana Bark Candy Recipe Ingredients

All you need is 2 cups Dark Candy Cocoa Melts, 1/2 cup (broken up into little pieces) Banana Chips (plus more for garnish), and 2 teaspoons Banana Extract.

Start by melting the chocolate at 50% power in 1 minute intervals.  Stir in between until chocolate is smooth and melted.

Warm the banana extract in the microwave for 15 seconds.
How to make Candy Bark with Bananas

Immediately add the extract and banana chips to the chocolate and stir until well mixed.

Pour into a wax paper lined cookie sheet.  Use the back of a spoon to help spread out the chocolate.  Tap the cookie sheet against the counter until the chocolate is smooth.

Add some extra banana pieces to the top for garnish if desired.
Yummy and Smart Brain Food Candy

Refrigerate the banana bark for 20 minutes or until hard.

Release the bark from the pan and crack into pieces.

Serve and try and not to let your son eat the whole thing in one sitting!
Candy that's Good for your Brain-Banana Bark Chocolate Candy Recipe

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