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Divergent Faction Table Cards

I love to have themed food when I throw a party.  There's just something extra fun about eating marshmallows designed as "Cheshire Cat Tales" or donuts named "Munchkin Holes."

So of course, our Divergent party needs to have there very own Divergent Faction Table card printables.

So now that I've made my Erudite Banana Bark, Amnity Strawberry Celebration, and Candor Brownie Bites, I needed to be able to label them for my Divergent Dessert Table.

I designed up 5 cards (and one blank extra) with each of the faction symbols and the coordinating faction color around the background.

These are great because you can use this Divergent Free font to add food names, or guest names, or party games.  You can split the guests up into different factions.  Or you can let them play the Erudite Hidden Meaning Brain Teaser at a faction station.  Whatever you can think of, these table cards are a great addition to your Divergent party.

And until movie release day (March 21, 2014) you can download them for free!
Find your Divergent Faction Table Cards printable here.

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