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Easter Bunny Candy Bank Printable

I know I said yesterday that I was trying to stay away from buying a bunch of candy for the kids' Easter baskets, but I found some candy banks at Walmart that were just taunting me with their possibilities.

So I had to make some Easter Bunny candy banks for Easter!  Won't they just look so cute in the kids' Easter baskets?

Easter Bunny Candy Bank Printable by Kandy Kreations

They are pretty simple to make.

Candy Banks

Find these fun candy banks at your local store.  Now print out the two Easter Bunny Candy bank printable sheets onto card stock.  I printed the hat onto yellow colored paper so that it gave a bright matching color to his hat.

Easter Basket Bonnet Printable
To make the Easter bunny's hat, cut out the circle and the hexagon with the extra boxes and tabs.  Score along the edges of the squares and fold the box inwards.

Easter Bunny Bonnet
If you fold the box towards the lines, they won't show when you glue the tabs together.  Once you have the hexagon box, turn it upside down so the base is now the top of the hat.  Use the tabs on the bottom to glue the hat to the circle rim.

Bunny Ears Printable
Cut out the rectangle bunny piece and the ear pieces.  Be careful not to cut off the tab when cutting out the ears.  Score the inside of the ears so they fold towards each other.  Glue them together.

How to make a Bunny Easter bonnet
Cut the tab lines on the edge of the hat rim and slide the rabbit ears inside it.  Glue the tab on the under side of the rim so it stays.  Repeat with the other ear.

Easter Bunny Candy Bank Printable
Surround the bank with the Easter bunny printable and glue along the shaded edge to secure it in place.  Add hat using glue dots or tape to the top.  Now surprise your loved ones with a cute Easter bunny and his secret treat for Easter!

Here are the Easter Bunny Candy Bank printables for you to make your own.  

Easter Bunny Candy Bank Printable

Easter Bunny Candy Bank Hat Printable

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