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Kevin the Bird Candy Cover Printable

Kevin is the illusive, mystical bird in the movie Up.  Since we all have illusive dreams and this Up party is about the girls following their dreams and moving Up towards them,  I knew Kevin had to make an unexpected appearance at our dessert table.

Yet, I couldn't decide how to make Kevin join the party. When my son and I were at the grocery store the other day, he asked for a mini M and M tube.  As soon as I saw the tall thin tube, I knew it would be perfect for a graphic of Kevin.

Now we have Kevin the bird candy cover printable to share with you!

Kevin the Bird candy Cover Printable by Kandy Kreations. Fun favor for an Up birthday party!

Right click and save the jpg graphic of the candy cover printable.  Use your computer's print program to print out the candy covers onto regular card stock.

Cut out the rectangles, leaving a little bit of white tab on the right side of the graphic to allow the printable to be easily wrapped around the candy tube.

Glue along the white tab and wrap the graphic over top.


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