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How Well Do You Know? Quiz Party Game

Since this party will be all about our graduate, I knew we needed to have a fun quiz party game for the guests to either get to know her or to show how much they already know about her.  She'll have friends that she just met as well as aunts and uncles she rarely sees to grandparents who probably know her better than I do some days, so this game should be pretty fun.

How Well Do You Know Quiz Party Game by Kandy Kreations

I came up with a few questions that were both broad in nature as well as pretty specific about my Drama Queen.  This gives everyone a chance to get at least a few right.

My daughter has a pretty unique middle name, so the first questions asks what it is.

She watched the entire Buffy the Vampire series back to back to back one summer.  It's a running joke in our house about how long it took her to watch the whole series, so we asked about that.

She and her brother are only a few months apart and people who don't know them are often confused about which one of them is older and whether they are actually twins or not, so we threw in a question about that at the end.

I had her answer all the questions the other day and it was fun to learn a few things about her that even I didn't know.  (I had no idea what her favorite book or song was currently.  Turns out it's been the same since ninth grade.  How bad a mom am I?)

I think we'll have a lot of fun getting the guests to answer these questions and I'll have a few small prizes for those who get the most answers right.  Although from the answer session with my daughter, I found that my son (her "twin") knows way more about her than anyone else, so he may be disqualified from playing!

How Well Do You Know Quiz Party Game Printable

If you are interested in playing this game at your bridal shower, birthday party, or graduation party, here's some of the questions that we asked in an easy printable.  Or you can easily make up your own that are a lot more specific to your graduate.

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