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Lego Party Entry Door

After thinking a lot about family nights this week, I have decided our first evening together will be this weekend.  Since it's the third week of the month, that means it's Family Movie Night.

Fortunately, this week The LEGO Movie came out on DVD.  We did get to go see it at the movie theater, but I would enjoy seeing it again with a bit of a Lego themed evening.  To get to our Lego party, we needed to have an entry door to all the Master Building fun.

After the success of my telephone booth entry door for our Superman party, I guess this Lego door was not a huge stretch of the imagination.  But it was super easy to do (despite the crazy wind that we had while trying to set it up) and makes a fun entry way.

I started with a red plastic table cloth that I found at Walmart on clearance.  I layed it over the front of the door.

Through the doors edges and sides, I pulled the table cloth around to the back of the door and wrapped it nice and tight like a present.  I used regular tape to secure it, but with it being so windy, I did go back and use some packing tape to be sure it stayed put.

Once the table cloth was secured to the door, I cut a small slit in the cloth over the door handle and carefully slid it through.

I had originally planned to use red card stock to make the Lego dots on the door, but I didn't have any on hand and I didn't want to run to Walmart to buy some, so instead, I used red fun foam.  I found a bowl that was about the right size for the dots and traced and cut around to create the dots.

I used some Glue Dots on the edges of my foam Lego dots to secure them to the door.  I'm not a huge fan of these since I can never seem to get them off of roll without completely destroying them and then they stick to my fingers terribly, but with the wind issues, I wanted something that I knew would be strong enough to hold onto the doorway.

Finally, I stuck the dots onto the door in a 2 x 4 pattern to match the large Lego brick shape.  I think it turned out pretty fun and should make a great entrance to our Lego Family Movie Night this weekend.

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