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Superhero Chocolate Covered Twinkies

If you have never tried a chocolate covered Twinkie before, you are really in for a treat with these Superhero Twinkies.  Not only are they chocolate covered, which is a true delicacy, they are decorated up to be your favorite superheroes, and the ideas on how to decorate them are endless.

Start by melting your needed colors in chocolate wafers.  Most craft stores and even a few superstores carry the chocolate wafers in the basic colors needed for most superheroes.  Blue can be a little bit tricky since the offered color is so light and most superheroes have more of a royal blue coloring to their costumes, but this can be fixed by adding a oil based food coloring gel to the blue to darken it up.  Do NOT use a water based coloring as it will cease the chocolate up and ruin it.

Melt your chocolate slowly in a microwave safe bowl at 50 percent power in one minute increments.  Stir until chocolate is smooth and creamy.  Add a little bit of vegetable oil to your chocolate if needed to help it dip a little easier.  Stir well.

If desired, dip the end of a six inch sucker stick into the melted chocolate and then shove it inside the end of the Twinkie.  Allow the chocolate to harden so Twinkie will be on a stick when completely decorated.  

 Dip the Twinkie in the base color for the superhero suit.

Let excess chocolate drip off and then allow to harden in the refrigerator for a few minutes.  Once hard, use decorating bags or squeeze bottles with melted chocolate to add the designs to finish the superhero costumes.  Once complete, allow chocolate to harden.

Here are a few Twinkie superhero samples to give you more ideas.

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