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Dare to Share Linky Party and Features

I admit that I haven't been too active on the blog lately.  I'm spending my last week in Texas with family trying to help my parents' get their candy store up and running again after having to move.  It's been a crazy busy time, but I did get a chance to let you enjoy the fun with me.  Go check out my "review" of the new Chocolate Box and tell me what you think.

In my "spare time" ie: just before I fall into bed at night, I have been unwinding by enjoying all the great links you shared last week.  I have found so many great new blogs that my Bloglovin feed needed some serious organizing.  You guys have so many great ideas that I finally got myself organized so I don't miss my new favorites.

Did you see LadyBlogger's series about her First Time Blogging mistakes.?  I enjoyed seeing what she's learned and spent a "little" time enjoying the rest of her blog.  If you're looking for some good tips to help you with your blog, be sure to go check out her tips.

I am also super excited to have discovered Celebrate and Decorate and her Alice in Wonderland Baby Shower.  There were so many great elements to this party that I loved.  The Cheshire Cat frame and quote was probably my favorite and I'm considering making one for my office when I get home.

I know Pam loved Little Red Window's DIY Cupcake Stand and shared it as her Feature of the Day on Wednesday.  I love the new trend of making your own beautiful cupcake stands that go great with your party theme.  The idea is so versititle and cute.

What was your favorite pin of last week?  What have you been working on this week?  I can't wait to see.

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