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How to make a Galilee Bible School Photo Booth

This weekend the youth in our church had a Youth Conference with all the kids in the surrounding area.  The theme of the conference was Return to Galilee

The conference was designed to take the youth to a "wedding feast" in Galilee at about the time of Christ's death.  We set up a series of shops for the kids to enjoy the town square before the feast.


We had an Oil shop where the kids learned about how olives were pressed.  We had a Lamp shop where the kids used clay to make lamps.  We had a bread store where they could taste pita breads of all types.


My job was to create a photo booth for the kids to dress up in period clothing and take pictures.

I admit, it was super difficult for me to figure out where I wanted to go with this. I originally wanted to make a large backdrop with the city in the distance, but ultimately decided against it since I wanted the kids to fill up close and personal in the booth.


I ended up going with a city wall using the castle backdrop that I made earlier this year.  I dressed it up using a tall vase and some "weeds" from my front yard.  Behind the backdrop, I hung a black sheet to disguise the wall behind the booth.


The clothing was a little more difficult to figure out.  I only had a budget of $20.  So Drama Queen and I went down to Goodwill and bought a bunch of brown, blue, tan, white, and colorful bed sheets.  We then filled up a bag of fabric from their fabric table and walked out the door within our budget.

We ended up cutting the fabric in to three different types of clothing.  We cut long strips to use as the front of their robes.  To these, we sewed ribbon at the top to tie around the back of the neck.

On top of these, we cut out robes with arm holes.  This allowed us to mix and match the pieces to get different looks.

For the girls, we cut and sewed strips of fabric into infinity type scarfs.  These allowed us to place them over the girls' heads and up and over.  The boys got long strips of fabric to use with Dollar Store headbands to complete their look (we already had these.)


This allowed us to get lots of looks for very little money.  The kids had a ball dressing up and some didn't want to take off their outfits when it was over.

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