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Take a Craftsy Class at Half Off This Week!

Do you remember when I told you one of my goals this year was to learn at least one new thing a month?

Yea, well.....that hasn't gone quite as planned.  (Do resolutions ever?)

Last week I finally got around to taking one step towards meeting that goal.  I purchased my first Craftsy class.
Take a Craftsy Class

I have always wanted to learn to crochet.  I understand the theory behind it, but can't ever make my fingers do it.  I asked my Mother-in-Law to teach me one summer and I think we both threw up our hands in frustration after a few hours.

It just didn't go well.

I decided to try this Beginners Crochet Basics and Beyond class to see if I could make it work this time.  I've only had time to work on the first two sections of lessons, but I admit, I'm so excited at my progress and with the class.  I actually was able to chain my way through the whole house.  (Yea, my kids thought I was absolutely nuts making that long of a chain for no reason at all other than that I could., but hey...)

Craftsy Beginning Crochet Class

I love that you can repeat portions of the lesson until you get the stitch right.  This really helped as I was trying to learn the Double stitch.  I put a 30 second clip on repeat until I managed to get the stitch right.

It was also kind of fun to see questions from others who have taken the class on the side of the video.  It was interesting to think about things that others were having problems with so I could avoid that problem.

I'm still a long way off of making my goal project.  (I really want to make a crochet headband!)  But I'm at least started on the way and have hope I'll get there eventually.

Thanks Craftsy for that!

Now I've started looking at other things that I want to learn this year.  Lucky enough, Crafts is having a sale on some of their best classes this week.

Up to 50% Off On Food and Cake Decorating Classes and all Sewing, Quilting and Knitting Classes
Best-selling Craftsy classes are on sale for one week only! Save up to 50% off on Food and Cake Decorating classes  and 50% off on Sewing, Quilting and Knitting classes taught by some of the world's best instructors. Once you purchase a class, it's yours to enjoy forever. Every class comes with a money-back satisfaction guarantee!

Sale Starts today! Prices valid through September 15, 2014 at 11:59 pm. 

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