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30 Days of Service Activity

Give a real gift of love with 30 days of service for your family. This activity is designed for a youth service activity but can be used for a family home evening lesson or as a way to serve someone you love.
Give a real gift of love with 30 days of service for your family. This activity is designed for a youth service activity but can be used for a family home evening lesson or as a way to serve someone you love.

As we embark on a new year in our church youth program, I wanted to bring a little more service into the lives of my girls and my own family.  So when I was planning our weekly Family Home Evening lesson and our weeknight young women's activity, I decided to celebrate Valentine's day with some service in our families.

What's great about this service activity is that it works as a service activity and as marking off Young women's personal progress Good Works value experience #5.

Value #5 reads: "...Develop a pattern of service in your life by choosing a family member you can help. Serve that person for at least a month.  Record in your journal your actions and feelings about ow this improved your relationship with that person."

At the start of the year, I purchased the download of the Young woman Personal Progress doodle journal from Red Headed Hostess.  I made one for each of my girls, and I have to admit how much we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these journals.  It has really helped the girls visualize what they are learning and record what they are experiencing.

Scripture Doodle Journal

So for this service activity, we started by reading and discussing Doctrine and Covenants 58:26-28.  In our doodle journals, there is a page to doodle what we learned and talked about.  (I can't draw worth beans, so I used clip art and coloring book pages--which is where my talent and passion lies anyway to fill my journal page.)

After we were done, we chose who we were going to focus our service on for the month and started brainstorming ways that we can show service for them.  Some of the ideas that we came up with were:

Make their bed
Do their chore
Make breakfast in bed
Make their favorite dinner
Play a game with them
Help with their homework
Help finding something lost.
Saying thank you
Offering a compliment
Write a note
Stop fighting with them
Let them pick the TV show
Let them pick the music in the car
Pray for them all day

On days when they do a service activity for the person, I gave them Hershey kisses that we glued a heart sticker to the bottom of.  So if they unloaded the dishwasher for their family member, they could place the heart in the empty dishwasher for the brother, sister, mom, or dad to find.

Since I know they are busy and some days it's hard for them to come up with a service activity, I also gave them a few extra, easy things they could do on a crazy day.

Candy Valentine Love Quotes

Using fun size candy bars, I came up with some uplifting sayings that they could use.  We cut the tags out and taped them to the candy bar.  It will be easy to leave the candy in their room or lunch box or somewhere fun.

I also designed some fun notes from Dr. Seuss quotes that they could cut and paste on the bathroom mirror or bedroom door when their chosen family member was having a hard day.

Dr Seuss Uplifting Printable Quotes

Lastly we cut out a bunch of hearts from pink paper.  The girls were going to write positive attributes of their family member and give their room a "heart attack" by placing the hearts all over their room one day.

While we were working on our service activity, it was fun to talk and listen to uplifting music.  I really like the song "You'll Never Run Out of Love" by Anna Richey and "Embark" by Elijah Thomas.  I did just download the entire collection from the LDS Youth Music page and have it playing in the background.

If you want to try this activity, I'm sharing all the printables that I used.  You can find the zip file download here.  If you do this project, I'd love to know how it turns out for you, so drop me a line!

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