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5 Yummy Snickers Candy Treats and Dare to Share Saturday

Hello friends!

How was your week?  As you could probably see, I took the week off to enjoy it with my kids on Spring Break.  We didn't go anywhere since they all still had soccer activities, play rehersals, and instead we tried to have a stay-cation filled with fun activities and family time every day.

And can I say, as much as I love my kids, I am so glad the week is over.  We did have lots of fun, but we also had moments of arguing, sibling rivalry, and snow.  There's nothing that will ruin all my hard worked plans better than snow.

I hate the stuff.  I hate the cold.  And I hate the fact that it snuck into my week of fun.

So I am so glad that you guys shared some yummy Snickers candy treats last week on Dare to Share Saturday.  I certainly needed some baking time and sweet treats to keep the Mommy Madness away.  If you missed some of the great recipes, here are 5 of my favorites from last week.

Snickers Cake Mix Cookie Bars by Mom's Messy Miracles

Snickers Almond Brownies by Summer Scraps
3. Snickers Almond Brownies by Summer Scraps

4. Snickers Brownies by Simply Stacie
5. Snickers Cake by Winnie's Blog

I didn't share anything new this week here on the blog, but I did spend lots of the time thinking and planning about where to go next with my time and energy.  I also spent some fun time designing new candy bars for my Weekly Candy Bar club membership.

If you haven't seen or checked out the club, I design up a new Hershey candy bar wrapper each week and share it with members of the club.  I try to design wrappers that will work as a fun alternative to a birthday card, an Easter card, a get well card, or any other occassion you might need.  After all, what's better than to receive a great sentiment AND a great treat to enjoy?

Since I want more people to enjoy these wrappers and I know that even as great a deal as the year membership is, it's hard to come up with $45 all at once.  So I have decided to offer 5 weeks of the club for $5.00,  That's only $1.00 a candy bar wrapper!


Plus, I'll email you the candy bar each week, starting with the week you join.  I can't guarantee what kind of bars you'll recieve during that week, but I know they will be AWESOME!

(And if you are a blogger, would you be interested in a free month to sample?  I am looking to spread the word and the love.  If so, let me know here...)

If you aren't into making your own cards, be sure to check out Cards by Gaynor, our newest sponsor and her beautiful cards!  I can't get over the amount of work and beauty she puts into each and every card!  I know your card recipients won't either!!

Now, I can't wait to see what' you've been up to this week!

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