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How to Dress Like Cinderella

Dress like Cinderella in her work outfit with this fun outfit design you can create for yourself with a shopping trip to Amazon.  Or dress as if you are going to the ball with Cinderella in her blue dress or pink dress and have a magic day with a fun outfit!

Cinderella work outfit

As all my friends know, I am no fashionista.  I will never be the authority on what to wear.  But every now and then (and with my wardrobe, it's a little more "then") it's nice to get a new outfit.  Especially when there is a fun party to get dressed up and attend.

As I'm planning my Cinderella craft night party for all the girls, I thought it would be fun to dream up a new outfit or two to wear to it.  And I guess it's true--A dream is a wish your heart makes--because I wouldn't mind wearing any of these outfits and dressing up like Cinderella!

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How to dress like Cinderella in her Work Outfit by KandyKreations

1.Esssential Plu Size Loose Knit Open Front Draped Asymmetrical Vest 
2. MBJ Womens Long Sleeve Handkerchief Hem Tunic
3. OADUS Seamless Full Length One Size Stretch Leggings, White
4. Zacr Women Lace Chiffon Twisted Knotted Soft Hair Band Retro Turban Twist Head Wrap Headband (White)
5.Ninimour- Women's Winter Knit Crochet Leg Warmers Legging (coffee)
6. Patzino Fashion Collection, Faux Leather Women's Satchel Handbag (Light Brown II)
7. Soda Faddy-S Ballet Ballet-Flats
8. Color Bubble BIB Statement Beads Drop Earrings - 

Cinderella in her Pink Dress
How to dress like Cinderella in her Pink Dress by KandyKreations

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