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St Patricks Day Hershey Mini Wrapper Treat and Printable

Enjoy a sweet St Patrick's Day with this free Hershey mini wrapper printable.  You're loved one's will love being Irish when they receive this yummy treat.
I can't remember where I first saw this idea...probably someone through Pinterest.  I wish I could remember exactly who because I have totally fallen in love with these sweet treats.  I made a ton for Christmas and they were a big hit to everyone I gave them to.

So, of course, you'll probably be seeing them for a lot of holidays coming up.  You know how obsessive I can be like that, right?

I started by designing up these Hershey Miniature wrappers with a St Patrick's theme. There are 6 of them in each set with 2 sets per page.

Cut around outside of design and then along the black lines.  Now you have the wrappers.

Using a bag of Hershey Minis, align each of the wrappers with the design on the front of the candy bar and fold the top and bottom to the back.

Glue or tape the wrappers in the back to secure.

Using a 2x10 inch Pretzel bag from Walmart or other craft store, slide the minis into the bag starting with the pot of gold design for the bottom.  Then add the words in reverse order of "Happy St Patty's Day" so the saying reads down the bag.  Then top with the cute little leprechaun.

 I will admit to you that it might be a little difficult to get the minis in the bag.  It's a tight fit.  I found it's easiest to make sure the edges of the minis don't get caught on the bag by tucking them into the wrapper as best you can.

When you're done, tie off the top of the bag with a green ribbon and cut the wrinkled edge off the top of the bag so it's not a long mess.

Now give these out to your favorite little Leprechauns for a sweet treat.

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